Spring 2017 Cooperating Classes & Session Schedule

PASS Supports the following classes this spring:

BIO 235 A taught by Laszlo Kovacs

BMS 100 A taught by Ivy Fitzgerald - New this semester!

BMS 110 A taught by Ivy Fitzgerald

BMS 110 B taught by Joseph Williams

BMS 230/231 taught by Amanda Brodeur

BMS 307 taught by Robert Tyler Morris

BMS 308 taught by Ben Timson

CHM 160 3 taught by Erich Steinle

CHM 170 1 taught by Brian High

CHM 170 2 taught by Mark Richter

CHM 342 taught by Reza Sedaghat-Herati

CHM 343/344 taught by Matthew Siebert

PHY 124 A taught by Shyang Huang - New this semester!

For a full list of session times, please click here (document is a PDF).