Information for PASS Leaders

PASS Leader Tasks

1. PASS Leader Training

  • At the beginning of the semester.
  • Throughout the semester.
  • Meet with PASS supervisor regularly.

2. Attend the Targeted Class

  • Introduce yourself to the course instructor.
  • Ascertain requirements for the course.
  • Introduce PASS to the class and administer beginning-of-term survey.
  • Announce in class the PASS schedule and room locations.

3. Conduct Sessions

  • Plan an introduction to the PASS session.
  • Schedule PASS sessions.
  • Check with PASS supervisor for room assignments for PASS sessions.
  • Organize the PASS with built-in flexibility to the needs of attendees.
  • Prepare handouts for PASS sessions.
  • Hold marathon PASS sessions or extra PASS sessions when needed.
  • Provide closure (e.g., a quiz, a summary, a suggestion for future study).

4. Support Faculty

  • PASS leaders support classroom instruction in every way.
  • PASS program is offered only in classes where the faculty member understands and supports PASS.
  • Form groups of three and discuss the tasks of the PASS leader.
  • Specifically discuss with your group which of the responsibilities listed below are your favorite and least favorite parts of being an PASS leader.

5. Integrate Content and Learning Skills

  • Redirect discussion to the group.
  • Use the language of the discipline.
  • Integrate how to learn with what to learn.
  • Get students organized and get them started, but don’t do the work for them.

6. Collect Data for Program Evaluation

  • Collect attendance data at every PASS session, i.e. student name, course title, date, and time.
  • Administer end-of-term questionnaire.
  • Work with PASS supervisor to prepare final report.

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Last Updated 11/05/2010